The product concept for Siberian Wild  was simple, the founders felt that marketers often confused parents into thinking their products were healthy when they were packed with hidden sugar and other additives.

We have created a healthy, vitamin enriched soft drink that is sugar and preservative free. The product conception story for Heylikewow was simple, the founders felt that there was too much sugar and bad preservatives in the drinks already on the market (particularly for children) and they wanted to create something that was free from all the nasties, but that also provided kids and adults with a major contribution to their daily vitamin intake.

Siberian Wild is a revolutionary natural drink that contains only hand picked wild Siberian berries, wild herbs and local, pure spring water.  It has no added sugar, is preservative free, has no artificial colours or flavours and is 100% pesticide free.

Our unique flavours come from natural forest berries including nutrition rich wild blueberry, wild huckleberry and wild cranberry.  With the added fresh flavour of wild pine needles and other herbs, our drinks are also jam packed with vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants.

The tetrapak packaging is 100% recyclable and fits perfectly into lunch boxes so you can be sure your kids are having the healthiest fruit based drink possible.

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