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Hi, I’m Kimberley and I lead the team that created Siberian Wild. It took many months of research and trials to find the best combination of wild Siberian berries and other 100% natural ingredients. We think it tastes great and hope you will love it as much as we do.

Simply delicious and nutritious



Creative Director
Hi Im Joseph I work with Tomski & Kimberley to make sure our brand message is clear and simple. A fun nutritious drink for fun kids with no added sugar or preservaties. Giving them the natural added boost they need for a busy day at school.

Siberian Wild - No Nasties.



Chief Berry Tester
Hi my name is Tomski and I’m always berry hungry. I live in the beautiful wintery Pine Forests of Siberia. My job is the best! I make sure all the berries in Siberian Wild taste fresh and nutritious.


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